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Retours clients

... des montres, des pays, des histoires!


Jean-Pierre (Suisse)

Cher Monsieur,

Un grand merci de m’avoir offert autant de votre temps hier.

Je réitère mes vœux de succès dans votre entreprise et me réjouis de vous revoir à l’occasion.


Aref  (Iran)

Wow, how great and good that 3 generations of your great-grandfather's family are engaged in making this brand of watches. It os  a great honor for me to meet you.

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강태건 (Corée du sud)

Hello, I'm 강태건, Born in 2000 and I live in South Korea. At the auction, I bought a vintage pocket watch because it was beautiful, and the brand name was DESOTOS. Before use it, I thought pocket watch needed to fix the inside. So I googled and found you. If you don't mind, can you look at this watch? I'll send you an image file by replying to your email. Merci Passez une bonne journée!!


Ahmed (Suisse)

Thanks for quick reply. Here I'm sending you a photo. I need for a Valjoux cab. 88 a dial (see photo) and 1 rochet like in picture.

Best regards,


Roberts (USA)

 I have a panda dial triple register valjoux 72 camaro style version that I'd love to have more info on if possible.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. You should bring back the Desotos brand.

It means the world to me, it was my Dad's watch, I remember the distinct tick and clink that it made from my childhood. After mechanical restoration it makes the same tick/clink. Any Desotos history you can give would be appreciated.


Kay (Germany)

I bought that Silver One many years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. Nice to wear with blue Jeans and brown shoes 

1705997503361 orolog..jpg

Claudio - (Alessandria Piemonte / Italia)

Buongiorno gentili Georges Gay,

ecco alcune foto del mio orologio comprato e regalato dalla mia fidanzata Paola, ed ora mia moglie, nel 1989.

Spero possa suscitare in voi i più bei ricordi e le più belle emozioni!

Carissimi saluti



Alon (Tasmania Australia)

I live in Tasmania, Australia. I just got myself a 70s Georges Gay Diver!  So happy to see the name has been given new life! It's a beautiful diver, I'm definitely more than happy!

That's amazing that you still have all these parts in stock to make 60s watches but brand new...i think people would be very interested in this. (...)


Rouslan (Russie)

У меня есть вопрос. Вы можете помочь?
Я приобрел эти прекрасные часы и хотел бы получить информацию.


Mykola  (Kiev - Ukraine)

I live in Ukraine. I found this watch and bought it at a flea market. I don’t know the history of this watch, as well as the co-owner. Very nice watch. Thanks to contact me about it.


Daniel (Suisse)

Un grand merci pour cette belle soirée dans laquelle nous avons pu partager cette passion horlogère et aussi ce beau moment de convivialité au travers duquel j’ai revécu une belle tranche de vie , de ma jeunesse , avec une page , j’allais dire « en famille « et des souvenirs qui restent ...


Bon succès dans cette entreprise  et belle réussite pour ce nouveau challenge , un pas après l’autre !


Damien (Suisse)

Ma grand-mère avait une montre de vous en sa possession. Pouvez-vous me donner peut-être une année la matière des fleurs derrière. bonne journée bien à vous. Damien


L'histoire de votre montre Georges Gay ou Desotos nous intéresse!

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